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Have you ever thought about asking to seek permission in this permissionless world?

Any type of connection begins with the desired need of establishing it, knowingly or unknowingly. Whenever someone asks me for consent it unconditionally opens my heart to welcome the fact that the person in front of me is willing to respect my needs. And, whenever I feel my needs are being given their due, my heart connects the dots to bridge all the gaps which can occur to build a strong connection with the individual irrespective of her portrayal of self.

I also think a lot about the condition when people do not ask for consent and directly attack my personal space; which every time results in disrupting my connection with them in that particular moment. I do not know how does it work for other people yet I believe the feeling would be the same if someone enters into someone's personal space without caring about the need of the person in question.

It was only a few years ago when one of my friends once requested me to put requests if I wanted to enter into someone else's space! It was all new in the beginning and I felt awkward and hesitant asking about anything. Gradually, I started to feel the magic of it. It was just crazy to witness some little requests for consent transforming relationships dramatically. I was overwhelmed and content at the same time while experiencing the power of making requests. As small as asking to ask and as big as asking to give or take anything in particular.

The way I have practiced so far and still looking for improvement in asking, then performing, and realizing when to stop myself as per the need of a person with me, is just liberating for me. I haven't thought about it much when it was introduced to me but now I feel it's one of the most powerful ways to get into anything. One more beautiful thing I have learned while doing this is, it (the process of making requests especially asking without expectations) makes me free from the burden of thinking about the consequences and I can fully enjoy the process of being into it.

I would like to request you to make a request (if not with all then, at least with me) whenever you intend to enter into someone's space next!

In last, two things to remember; Ask without expectations & Do not expect before asking!

- Kamlesh


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